Topbeu Cat Toy Wand With Colorful Ribbon Pet Teaser… – Reviews & Compare Deals

Topbeu Cat Toy Wand With Colorful Ribbon Pet Teaser… – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Great for cats, young and old. Keeps them fit and active. Light weight but durable for hours of play.
My cat adores these tinsel type toys. They're hard to find locally. Her old one was down to four strands left when I ordered this one. Delivery apparently takes place by sea turtle as it took forever to get here. (Still within the expected time frame but I've gotten spoiled by the Prime two day shipping.) The toy itself is great. My cat loves it and demands we play with it several times a day.
- June 7, 2017
Peri adores this ... she's actually already stolen it and walked off with it somewhere. She knew as soon as we started to unwrap the packaging that this was for HER (we have four cats. But Peri knew this was *hers* and hers alone). Our initial shipment was damaged, but the seller was great and sent us a replacement. SO I recommend both the toy and the seller.
- April 28, 2017
So much fun for me & my cat!
- March 15, 2017
I gotta admit I modify these things a lot. I hate the bell so off that goes. The main appeal is that the wand is so comfy to use (very lightweight and great reach!) and so responsive (for challenging the cat who is too good at the game of String). You can attach different things to this wand and have a great time, don't stick to just what it comes with. I tied a 3/4" wide, 3-4' long ribbon to our old one and it's been by far the number one favorite (out of about 15 strings) for years. I got this one to tie a length of cheap plastic beads to (think a mardi gras necklace cut open so it's a "l" not a "o"), but I am also tempted to try a feather boa, or a small stuffed animal. Don't get me wrong, it's fun the way it comes! But once the feathers have all been chewed to shreds, don't throw out the stick!! The fun is only beginning!!
- January 15, 2018
Our cats love this toy! I would highly recommend it if the seller keeps it at the low price and be sure to buy several of them because they're one of the most fun toys for our cats. Be aware that there are sellers on Ebay showing photo's of this toy, at a lower price, then they send you a very tiny toy not worth having. This seller did go up on price after I purchase my first toys on Amazon so I didn't buy any more until the price became more reasonable again. It is as pictured or at least was when I bought the toys. I have re-ordered. You won't be sorry, it's the greatest most fun toy the cats play with.
- February 19, 2018
Yes! I love this toy so much! And so do all of my cats! The wire makes for some fun movements that still keep the more... passionate cats well away from your hand and body.Beautiful colors, too! Pink with white and there are three beads on the wire colored yellow, green, and pink like candy. The feathers have a nice color to them. The bell is vibrant and shiny. The only minor complaint I have is the feathers slid off their fastener and i cant get it back on. But I wrapped the elastic band around the bell and sort of tied it and that seems to work just fine.
- March 6, 2018

Topbeu Cat Toy Wand With Colorful Ribbon Pet Teaser Toy For Cats And Kitten, Topbeu

Price: $2.39
as of December 25, 2019 9:10 am

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