Methigel Urinary Acidifier 4.25 Oz Tube 2 pack… – Reviews & Compare Deals

Methigel Urinary Acidifier 4.25 Oz Tube 2 pack… – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Methigel Urinary Acidifier is a supplemental source of di-methionine and aids in maintaining a low urine pH. When combined with a proper diet, Methigel helps maintain a healthy, natural urinary tract. It is easy to administer and helps eliminate urinary tract infections.
we have used this for years due to cat crystals. this saves us thousands in vet bills.
- December 16, 2017
my dog's electrolytes were out of sync, and this product seems to have done the trickrestoring proper acidity.
- December 31, 2016
Really has helped keep my little dogs ph down. She's not huge on the taste but she's super picky anyway. I use wet food to mix in with her amount and put it in her diet.
- February 23, 2017
I found over 10 bones in the very first container of cat food I opened. 1 was almost 1" inch long. I have been going round and round with Nutrish Rachael Ray's customer service which after many attempt claims they may take the case of food back. The manager Vanessa wanted to say it is ok for cats to eat bones! Any good vet will tell you: Fish bones must be removed, as they may damage or obstruct your cat’s throat or gastrointestinal tract. Some times they stay in place and later cause many issues. I would never use this product, the Nutrish chicken is a much better choice. I felt Amazon should not have to be responsible to take this case of food back, after many contacts with Nutrish they will take product back. I wonder if Rachael Ray knows how terrible her company is run.
- June 29, 2017
If you want your cat to get a hole in their throats and potentially die, you'll love this cat food! Decided to get my resident cat and two foster kittens this food as a treat and ended up taking the little ones to a vet because of bones cutting their throat. Contacted the company who went as far as sending me a kit to send the bones to their Quality Assurance department only to have a reply that the product met specifications and my proof of negligence taken without any recall. If 1"+ pieces of SHARP BONE meet specifications I can only imagine what other dangers meet specifications.
- August 15, 2016
When i received these and fed it to my cats, they loved it. So I just reordered another 36 cans. Then i noticed the expiration date was July, 2015. My cats are going to be pissed, but when that next shipment hits my door.......back it goes even b/4 opening it. Selling expired food is not cool and quality control is missing here or just a lack of caring. I am truly upset about this.
- July 29, 2016
It seems a reasonably decent shampoo, but the recommended amount to use hardly was enough to do an entire body. Also, my dogs troubles skin are beyond the limits of this shampoo. They have a reoccurring bacterial condition, therefore the only treatmrnt that works is an antibiotic. Am sure it would help those dogs with mild to medium skin issues.
- April 24, 2016
Best shampoo I have ever used for our Westies. Many white coated dogs have skin conditions. This is excellent and keeps the coat beautiful and the underlying skin in great condition. Has really helped our Westie.
- October 23, 2013
My Labrador gets hotspots every summer by July. I purchased this shampoo after I watched a TV show discussing it's use for skin conditions. Amazing result! His coat is shiny, soft, no dry skin, and the bonus is, he smells great! I am also giving him Benadryl twice daily per the vet. This and the shampoo has made the difference this summer. No hotspots or constant licking and scratching. This product is worth every penny! My dog is comfortable and looking great!
- July 12, 2014

Methigel Urinary Acidifier 4.25 Oz Tube 2 pack, Vetoquinol

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