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The “all inclusive” Double Door iCrate, folding metal dog crate by MidWest Homes for Pets includes all of the features you will need to provide a convenient, safe and secure pet home for your best friend. This metal dog crate includes a free divider panel allowing you to adjust the size of the dog crate while your dog is still growing, a plastic leak-proof pan for easy clean-up in the event of an accident, a strong plastic carrying handle for easy portability and rubber “roller” feet on the bottom of the crate to protect your floors inside the home. MidWest iCrates also feature our patented side clips which reinforce the dog crate & reduce possible sharp points ensuring a safe experience for you and your pet. The iCrate Double Door metal dog crate configuration (with front & side door access) allows you to situate the dog crate to best fit your floor plan and folds down for convenient storage. The 48" metal iCrate (model 1548DDU) measures 48L x 30W x 33H inches & is suitable for "Extra-Large" dog breeds. We at MidWest Homes for Pets understand that your dog is a part of your family and that’s why we ensure our dog crates are manufactured with the highest quality control standards creating a safe home for your pet that you can feel confident with. MidWest Homes for Pets stands behind the quality of our products with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you have any questions about our dog crates our customer service department would be glad to help you. MidWest customer service can be contacted at: 1-800-428-8560, available 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday.
It can be difficult to accurately judge how much room your dog will have in a crate. It's roomier than you might think. We bought the 42" size for our 100 lb adult German Shepherd. She can stand fully upright inside it with comfort and she can turn around. She can lie down and stretch her front legs straight out. She does not have room to exercise, but exercise is not the point of a crate. She is safe, secure and comfortable inside it. It is well made, easy to set up and fold, with a roomy door for clean-up and care. It's about half the cost of a similar crate at a major bricks and mortar retailer. Look for the photo to get a reference. I don't think you'll find a better deal.
ByDot Matrix - January 5, 2015
I was hesitant about these crates because of the reviews, but I'm so glad I bought them. I got two of the 48" and they're perfect for my Great Danes. They have plenty of room to stand and stretch. Sometimes they both lay in the same kennel and still seem comfortable. I've had no problems with the wire scratching them, and the kennels are very sturdy. I've included a picture of my 20 year old daughter and my 170 pound Great Dane sharing the kennel and there's still a little room left!!
Dot Matrix - January 28, 2016
We were looking to replace a much smaller dog kennel that our 7 month old Siberian Husky quickly grew out of. The first place we looked was Petco, where similar kennels were selling for $100+ (that's about 2x the price of this one). No thanks. Decided to give this one a shot based on the brand name and good reviews. And it has not disappointed!We opted for the single door option as additional doors aren't necessary for our use. Here are a few observations after 2 months of use:Installation: "A", just unfold it and snap it into place. Took less than 10 minutes and was ready to go.Quality: "B+", pretty sturdy build, but the hinge/lock mechanism rubs against metal and causes the paint to scratch off easily. Also, our husky hasn't chewed the bottom tray like she did with the kennel we had previously (major plus, lol). Not all wobbly, which also a plus.Price: "A+", unbeatable. Half the price of big box retailers.Overall: "A", for the price, you cannot beat it. It looks like it will hold up well over time. It's Husky-tested and owner approved!
Bytracie taylor - February 23, 2017
WHAT SIZE FOR WHAT SIZE DOG?? If you're like me, and wondering which size to get for your little guy, read here. I was scrolling up and down reading reviews because I didn't know which size to get. I would see pictures of Labradors in the kennel but no one would say which size they got. FOR THOSE WITH LABS OR DOGS SIMILAR IN SIZE TO LABS: I got a 36" and he is a little cramped and has to bend when he stands and sits but we got this kennel for night time. This is is upstairs kennel that he only sleeps in. It is perfect for that. He has room to lay out and relax. The only thing is I wish it was a little taller for him, but like I said we got this for sleeping. If you want the kennel for long periods, like when you're at work, I would recommend the next size up. We didn't need that big of one so we went with the 36". Took me under 5 minutes to remove from the box and put together. Instructions are not needed. My dog was excited to get inside becfore I even finished putting it together! And if anyone is curious on the Mizzou bottom and has a dog that likes to chew up pads, I just wrapped a blanket around the bottom tray! It works perfectly! I really hope this helps out those not know what size to get because I had a hard time but I am VERY satisfied with my choice! Please let me know if I helped you out.
ByKatie-K - September 20, 2016
The crate is very easy to setup, takes less than 2 minutes. The sides of it came a little bent, but I'm thinking that's because of a soft packing and bad handling. In all, my 51lbs Golden fits in perfectly. She has enough room to move, to stand, to sit, and to lay down widely. I bought the 42in long crate and she's 38in long when laying flat, from curved tail to front paws. She was not a fan of the plastic tray as it's a little flimsy, making her scared of noises it made when walking on it. However, that is easily fixed with putting some cushion (bed, mat, etc) on top of it. I made sure to give her the whole day to get accostumed to it and placed her toys inside so she knew it was hers from the get-go. At night, she barked a few times (trying to get some attention), but went on sleeping peacefully in it for the rest of the night.Very pleased with this product. AmazonBasics again giving me what I want at a fraction of he cost.
Katie-K - June 8, 2017
I have a Pomeranian, Maltese and a Shih Tzu. I ordered the 30" double door crate. I was so surprised on how spacious it was. All 3 of the little ones fit in there just fine. They love their new room :). Very happy with this purchase!
ByC07 - September 27, 2016
I got the 24" for an 11 year old 10 lb miniature poodle I rescued recently from a terrible hoarding/ neglect situation. According to her, it's a perfectly comfortable prison she hates to be in. According to me, it's an acceptable prison I hate to put her in when I can't be at home. It's a useful tool neither of us enjoy using. But it allowed me to save her life, so we are both happy it exists.
ByRM Piper - April 17, 2017
I ordered the 42inch double door crate for my 60lb Bull Terrier. It's the perfect size for him. I deal with alot of different crates as I work with rescues and this one seems sturdy and it's easy to set up!
RM Piper - May 9, 2017
My two 23 & 28 lbs dogs fit in this cage easily with ample space. Didn't think they were going to be OK with a crate but after 100 zillion "accidents" (they suffer from separation anxiety), I had no choice but to get a crate, and they absolutely love it. In fact, they head straight into the cage on their own when it's time to sleep.
ByKristin Duke - December 5, 2016
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