ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Boxer Puppy dry dog food, 30-Pound – Reviews & Compare Deals

ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Boxer Puppy dry dog food, 30-Pound – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Royal Canin Boxer Puppy Food features an exclusive kibble designed to make it easier for the Boxer Puppy to pick up and encourages him to chew. (Kibble color may vary due to natural ingredients.) The Boxer breed is a good example of the ''brachycephalic'' jaw type with very short muzzle. Growth is a key phase for the puppy as it sets the pattern for his future. In 15 months the Boxer Puppy will multiply his birth weight by 70 times. Boxer Puppy helps support muscle mass development with an appropriate protein content (28% Min.). This formula also contains l-Carnitine. Digestive health is essential during the puppy's growth period: the digestive system is not yet fully developed and cannot absorb nutrients in the same way as adult dogs. The Boxer Puppy formula helps support digestive health and helps to maintain a balanced intestinal flora. During the growth period, the puppy's natural defenses are not yet fully developed. An exclusive complex of antioxidants (vitamin E and C, lutein and taurine) in Boxer Puppy helps support the Boxer puppy's natural defenses. L.I.P. = 90% Protein Digestibility. 100% complete and balanced nutrition. Designed exclusively for pure breed Boxers up to 15 months old. Size: 30 pounds.

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We were having a hard time keeping weight on our 11 month old boxer and our vet recommended Royal Canin. We had started her on Wellness Core Puppy at 9 weeks then switched over to Earthborn at about 8 months. She was eating well and growing but was going to the bathroom multiple times a day (sometimes 2 or 3 times in one trip) and just not gaining any weight. Since the switch (it's been a month+), she's gained over 3 lbs and looks healthier than ever. Her bathroom issues have dropped down to 2 or max 3 times a day and we can take her running without having to stop multiple times for an upset GI. Highly recommend!
ByDavid M. Chan - July 16, 2015
I first tried the adult version of this, which my dog loved. The pieces are an odd shape about maybe 1/2" tall/wide and 1.25" long. Easy for my boxer/bulldog to eat. The puppy version is much smaller, which makes sense except it says this is for up to 15 months. I feel silly feeding my huge dog little bits of food, but he still likes it. And the best part? His horrible gas is vastly improved!! He was on Science Diet large breed before, which he didn't digest well.
David M. Chan - June 2, 2015
I have a 7 month old boxer. I fed her a premium organic grain free food. My other 2 dogs loved the food, unlike my boxer. My boxer frequently left food in her bowl; although not gaunt her ribs were easily seen. She looked underfed. She won't look that way much longer, though, because she now eats like a dog in a TV commercial! She highly recommends this brand, & so do I.
Bypaelladevalencia - October 8, 2016
I was fairly skeptical as my 7 year old Boxer has had a very dry and crusty nose for years, once in awhile to the point of slight bleeding. Our vet has always recommended random moisturizers to try and solve the issue but nothing has really worked. I saw Nose Butter with good reviews and figured why not? I started to put it on my boxers nose 2-3 times daily and after a few days of this his nose looks incredible! The big crusty growths are all but gone and he looks so much better. He has to feel much better as well. I do have to give him a small rawhide or a treat to distract him for a while right after the application so he doesn't lick it all off, and he does not enjoy getting this put on at all but once he figured out treats were involved it didn't take him long to start looking forward to the new routine. My only advice would be to buy the tin instead of the application stick. At least in my case my dog seems much more comfortable with me applying by finger rather than the stick itself. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a dry dog nose problem!
ByAmazon Customer - August 14, 2017
I have to say I was able to see a notable difference within a week (even though like other reviewers pointed out my dog does try to lick it off). I have been using it regularly for about two months and the stick still has plenty left to spare. I will get this product again when it runs out, I think it is well worth it.
Amazon Customer - March 24, 2016
Reviews looked great and my Hank has had a dry nose for years... but after I put on and he started licking - he would not stop throwing up.. I was upset and threw away rather than ask for refund. I asked the vet and they said it happens sometimes - 12 year old stomachs not same as all. I do hope it works for yours..
BySabrina - August 15, 2017
Photo comparing kibble size of Puppy Formula and Canine Formula. I couldn't find this information anywhere so I ordered a bag of each to find out.
Byanon - August 1, 2015
I have 2 eight week old shepherd puppies that I had been feeding puppy chow since 5 weeks old. They had started going through it like candy and seemed not to be getting the nutrients they needed. After researching and researching all the different brands out there, I was going to try the Blue Buffalo brand for puppies until I found The Taste Of The Wild. According to everything I read and ALL the youtube videos I watched, I seen it was even better than the Blue Buffalo ingredient wise, plus it was cheaper in price to my surprise. I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. I know they advise not to just completely change the puppies diet completely at once but I wanted to see how they would react to one bowl. They were like little vacuum cleaners and seemed to not be able to eat it fast enough. THEY LOVED IT! They were standing in the bowl trying to eat it as fast as they could. Now with that being said, at their next feeding time, I gave them back the puppy chow brand. They sniffed it and refused to eat it. It sat there for 2 hours or so until they were finally hungry enough to eat I guess. On the next feeding, I mixed it half and half. This time they did like little kids do picking marshmallows out of their cereal, they picked out The Taste Of The Wild from the puppy chow. All that was left was a half bowl of Puppy Chow. Haha. So now I had to completely switch to the Taste Of The Wild because they refuse to eat the puppy chow. Doing this harsh quick switch did mess their tummies up for the first couple of days, it made their stool soft and runny, but now it is back to normal. Even though they have always been playful, they seem to have twice the energy now after only one week, and the feeding has essentially been cut in half. Like other people have said about it, it doesn't require as much, is absolutely true. They seem to be getting all the nutrients they need on half the amount previously fed with the puppy chow. They do not act like they are starving anymore at feeding time. They will not be one piece left after feeding either, they clean every piece that hits the floor. So my final thought is that Taste Of The Wild is an EXCELLENT product and I will definitely be buying it again in the future. I am also on a budget and took into consideration the cost factor and concluded this, even though it cost more up front than your cheaper brands, it actually comes out to be less per pound because of the feeding dosage. It will only require half as much of TOTW as something like puppy chow so buying 30 pounds of TOTW is like buying 60 pounds of puppy chow. Overall I give it 2 thumbs up and 5 stars. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed!
anon - February 12, 2015
I have a 10 month old Corgi that was on another popular dry food brand when we got her just over a month ago. After doing a little research, I decided that I would like to try her on something a little healthier with more sources for protein. Taste of the Wild is not only grain free, but the other added ingredients that you get are just as beneficial to them. She has been on it for a week today and we have already noticed a beautiful improvement to her coat. It's noticeably more shiny now than it was before. She recently got surgery for joint damage from a fight with another Corgi. I got her Vitapet Advanced Strength Joint and Hip Chewables after the vet suggested getting him on a good glucosamine supplement. It's been about 3 weeks and it has put a little more pep in his step. He likes the taste, I give them to him like a treat.
ByMitch L. - December 20, 2016

ROYAL CANIN BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Boxer Puppy dry dog food, 30-Pound, Animal Supply Company (RC)

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