Slumber Pet Sherpa Crate Beds – Reviews & Compare Deals

Slumber Pet Sherpa Crate Beds – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Designed for Comfortable Crating – The perfect way to add a luxurious, comfy feel to your pets’ crate; Made from super-soft and cozy Sherpa; Features Bumper-Style Cushioning – Helps soften the crate’s edges with bumper-style cushioning that surrounds your pet in plush Sherpa inside his or her crate; Designed to Fit Crates – Uniquely designed to create the perfect crate pet bed for most standard-sized crates to cover crate bottom and sides perfectly; Versatile Sherpa – Keeps pet at optimum temperature thanks to the Sherpa material, which stays cool in the summer and traps heat in the winter; Tons of Options Available – Comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes to match your unique preferences; Sizes available for small cats and dogs and large breeds

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I ordered this for my fat cat in the (perhaps vain and wishful) thinking that he's not SO FAT he can't fit in a small dog crate. I instantly regretted getting a small when I realized a "small" dog could mean a chihuahua or miniature pinscher or one of those purse-size Yorkie things. When I'm told I have to weigh FatFaceCat at the vet's office, the lady behind the counter gets a worried look on her face and the digital scale says "Your raccoon is dangerously obese."Upon arrival, the chubster loved the bed immediately, though I can't really say he completely fits in it. In the photo, he has crawled under the bed I assume because he's tired from so much napping. The bed must be comfortable since I can hear his cat apnea at all hours from his spot on the floor. Sometimes he almost fits, though lately he gets sorta stuck on his back trying to do the 'turn upside down to make himself smaller but it won't work because he's basically a water balloon with a head' trick.I definitely recommend this bed for cats of the less-than-20-pound variety.
ByJamie - August 4, 2015
Arrived quickly and kitty is super pleased with his new "bed". I added a blanket, so it would be more inviting and comfortable. He sleeps in it every night and loves that it has the raised sides. It seems to provide him added security as he stretches out throughout the night, and he likes to rest his head (or leg) on the raised sides. My cat has never liked the typical pet beds, so I thought I would give this a try, and I'm glad that I did. I chose the MEDIUM size, since he does like to stretch out -- fits him perfectly from head to tail! Most cats would probably be just fine in the SMALL size. Loved the color and durability. Will probably purchase another.
Jamie - February 24, 2016
I was concerned that the bed would not be a good fit for the crate I ordered, but I was happy to find that it was a perfect fit. It's very soft, and my dog wanted to get into his crate for a nap right away. I'm happy with the quality of this dog crate bed, and so is my dog.See attached pictures
ByChristine Desrochers - November 19, 2012
This bed is nice, it fit the crate we bought, Petedge Easy Wire Dog Crate, Small, Black, perfectly (but was not "slightly larger" than the crate as the product description claims, it really was just a perfect fit, which was nice!). Unfortunately our puppy has a thing for chewing on fabric... we're working on it but the fact that he has managed to chew bits of the fluff off of this bed (or perhaps out from under the bumper, or both) is a disappointment. He's not a very strong chewer right now (he's only 13 weeks, a mini labradoodle) but quite a lot of fluff has ended up in his mouth and on the floor around the crate (and no, he doesn't constantly chew on it--he sleeps quite well in his crate and has a soft chew toy in there that he likes a lot).Overall the bed is still holding up. Perhaps a good run through a washing machine before the puppy got to it would have eliminated a lot of the free fluff (though it doesn't say if it's washing machine or dryer safe from what I've read Sherpa typically is). If that ends up helping us I'll update this review!
ByAubree - August 9, 2013
Love this! So does my french bulldog!! The wide bolsters provide just enough neck support so that her face is no longer resting on the metal edges of her crate. It fits her crate perfectly. I will definitely be ordering a few more.
Aubree - August 26, 2016
My little dog heads for this bed whenever he feels like a nap. He's old and this bed with the comfort of Sherpa is just right for him. Very well made and well worth the price as some other dog beds are thin and fall apart easily. The fact that it's washable is a major plus. I'd recommend this dog bed to anyone.
ByMERI S. - March 23, 2014
I bought this for my cat. She LOVES it. This is the second be I purchased. The first I used on a homemade cat tree I made from a wooden ladder and pine boards. The small dog crate bed was the perfect size for the lower shelf. She loved the bed so icy I bought her a second to but at the foot of my bed. I may buy a third for the living room.
ByDIY Queen - March 22, 2016
I bought this for my sister's new dog and she loved it! It is a great price (much less than the big pet stores) and it is well made (thick and soft). Any dog would love this and I am going to buy one for my own dog to replace his old one.
DIY Queen - November 29, 2012
It's a great product if your dog isn't messy. Mine is and now after washing it, the material has pilled and stuck together. It looks terrible now, but my little princess loves it so I'm satisfied.
ByRenee M. Canfield - August 1, 2014

Slumber Pet Sherpa Crate Pet Bed with Bumper-Style Cushioning for Comfort in Crate, PetEdge Dealer Services*

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