Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Duck & Turkey Meal Formula Dry Dog Food, 4.1 lb Bag – Reviews & Compare Deals

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Duck & Turkey Meal Formula Dry Dog Food, 4.1 lb Bag – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Instinct Raw Boost brings you high protein grain-free kibble plus freeze dried raw pieces together in the same bag – the perfect combination of convenience and nutrition to give your pet energy, vitality and vibrant health. Instinct kibble provides grain-free, gluten-free nutrition like a dog would eat in nature. A high protein, nutrient rich diet may help your dog maintain ideal weight and lean muscles. Additionally, the freeze dried raw pieces provide pure nutrition for digestive health, nutritious oils for healthy skin and coat, and a great taste your dog will crave. Formulated to mirror your dogs' ancestral diet, it's never been easier to nourish your dog with the pure and wholesome nutrition of raw. Made in USA facilities.
This food has been a miracle for us. Our little 12 pound mutt has one of the most sensitive digestive systems in the world. After a while we have discovered that she can't do chicken, grains, fruits, or beef. This is one of the few foods out there that she can eat without having 24 hours of horrible discomfort for all of us.One problem we have had is that she will pick out all of the "raw boost" kibble first, and then sometimes turn her nose up to the rest of the food. We've solved this by picking those out and giving them to her last.If your dog has trouble digesting, give this a shot!
Amazon Aggie - June 24, 2013
A few months ago I would have said instinct was awesome. I think they must have changed something becaue my Boston wouldnt finish the last 2 bags with out me adding stuff to get him to eat it.we switched to Canadae sea and he scarfs it down and is less smelly, less gassy. His coat is shiny and he isn't itchy. Instinct used to work, but all of a sudden he hated it and his hair started falling out, maybe he developed a new allergy, but I think it is more likely that the food changed because he wouldn't eat it.
A. Beauregard - December 29, 2014
Our little chihuahua was developing allergies. So we pulled her off all gluten and went totally grain free with her. This dog food rated very high by an independent testing lab. All I know it is worth the price, she is eaging less and her coat is so shiny. Her activity level also increased and now she is a happy dog. So am I, I was tired of going to the vets for infections and bad dog food.
ye olde book freak - April 7, 2015
My 13 year old Border Collie has extreme intolerance to a number protein and starch sources. She went through a horrible year of ill health while I was struggling to find what was wrong and how to help her. Chicken and rice proved to be the main culprits but as I introduced other foods many of them were not tolerated by her sensitive system either. I finally found a limited ingredient food that has put the bounce back in her step and at that point all that was left was the question of treats. She MUST have treats!I can't tell you how many kinds we tried and how many expensive, nearly full bags went in the trash when something in the formula triggered a bad reaction. Nature's Variety Instinct Grain Free Biscuits with Rabbit Meal and Apples saved the day. She loves them and I love giving her a special treat that she not only tolerates well physically but that excites her to the point of dancing. We're trying the Duck and Sweet Potato next then on to Lamb and Spinach. nom, nom, nom!
7crows - August 20, 2015
We've purchased these before, in a big box pet store, and my dog really enjoyed them. She normally ignores biscuits, but she went for these immediately. I'm giving this review a 5 based on the actual product because they shouldn't have negative reviews because of a third party.However, the vendor for this particular order sent nearly-expired treats. Received them March 13 and they expire April 9! Seems too quick an expiration date, especially for treats, since I don't give my girl treats daily.I would recommend this brand of dry food, raw food, and treats because it's helped my picky-water dog start to gain some weight (she's s rescue German Shepherd). I would suggest you check the expiration date before feeding your pet anything from this vendor (I unfortunately, checked right as my dog was chewing the first treat or I would have sent them back).
MomToTwo - March 18, 2015
1) Do not buy this product if your dog is allergic to flax seed.2) We have a dog who is allergic to a number of things. We had been buying these biscuits for over a year because they did not have any of her allergens. Earlier this summer we noticed that she was getting extremely itchy and losing hair. We knew it was an allergen but we did not know what because we had not changed anything in her diet. Researching everything she was taking in we found that the manufacturer had changed the ingredients in this product *WITH NO NOTICE*. There were no label changes on the packaging and nothing on their web site about a change. The only thing that had changed was the ingredient list. Since there was no indicator telling us there had been some sort of change we did not even think about it.Needless to say we will not buy anything else from this manufacturer.
j - September 16, 2016

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Duck & Turkey Meal Formula Natural Dry Dog Food By Nature'S Variety, 4.1 Lb. Bag, Instinct

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