Nutro ULTRA Adult Wet Dog Food, 12.5 oz 12 cans – Reviews & Compare Deals

Nutro ULTRA Adult Wet Dog Food, 12.5 oz 12 cans – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Ideal for adult dogs, ULTRA Premium Dog Food is rich in essential nutrients for optimum pet health. Our premium natural dog food features a perfect combination of three lean proteins, sun-rippend fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and pure sunflower oil. ULTRA Canned Dog Food provides complete nutrition to help your dog live long and thrive. Indulge your dog with wholesome, natural ingredients to support vital functions and active lifestyles.

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Just bought 2 cases of this brand because our dog loved it...these two cases are a bad batch (lot# 511D3NSC02 23:03 ULA) and the food has made my dog very sick. Spent $480 at the vet and hope that he will be on the mend soon. He has very bad diarrhea, vomit that is yellow-white and foamy, some blood in his diarrhea, shaky back legs and some lethargy. I've read a bunch of other consumer reports of this food causing sickness in other people's dogs (and cats) and some cases of their furry family members dying as a result of this food. Amazon, originally won't refund me even though it doesn't talk about pet products in their return policy and this is sold by them so should fall under their 30-day return policy...just and FYI. I don't know if something happened during shipment (it took over 8 days to get the cans after ordering them) that maybe heated up the cans or something else...or it could be a bad batch from the manufacturer.
XiStardust - May 26, 2015
I have been feeding my dog the dry Ultra Senior dog food for many years now. She is very healthy and I believe this food has contributed to that health. She is around 18 years old now and is just now starting to slow down. She jumps and acts like a pup most days. We had to change her to canned food because she is getting older and was having difficulty eating the dry food. This canned food is little expensive but definitely worth the price. I have searched for the best price on this product and this is the best deal I found.This food contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin which helps keep my dog moving. I also feed her a treat supplement with Glucosamine. I can tell a huge difference in her ability to jump and play when she takes this. If she doesn't have this Glucosamine for just a day or two, then she can barely move.It contains vitamins also. Great for her eyes and skin.She loves the taste of this food. She eats it as soon as I put it down for her.To save a little on cost I am currently mixing her dry food with the canned food, because the dry food is much cheaper but the wet food helps makes the dry food soft enough for her to eat now.I would highly recommend you give this a try for your dog.
WVReviewer - June 2, 2015
This dog food is great for weight control. We were using the dry version of this and our dog continued to be about 2-3 pounds over his target weight. After his dental cleaning, I switched him to this temporarily, but he ended up losing those few pounds very quickly and has maintained his weight, so I decided to continue him on this version of food. He loves it and I love that he is maintaining his target weight. Definitely worth the added expense, and I have found that Amazon subscribe & save is the best price option for purchasing this product.
Bittersweet513 - February 23, 2017
My Lab weighed 105 lbs before I started feeding her ultra weight management. I mix a half a can with two cups of ultra weight management Dry and she now weighs 82 lbs. Only that she used to have a lot of skin issues because of allergies from other foods. She has never had another allergic outbreak since I started feeding her this coat looks beautiful and she's slim and trim it's absolutely amazing
Renny Clay - January 26, 2016
My poodle/schnauzer mix suffers from horrible chronic pancreatitis. This is the only food he finds palatable that doesn't upset his system. We feed him 1 can (he's 14 lbs) a day broken up into three meals. It's the only food he eats with enthusiasm and never turns his nose up at it. I order it by the case - very convenient.
Leo's Mom - November 30, 2013
My dog is very picky about her food, and she likes this one. She tends to gain weight easily, so I hope the lighter formula will help her.
Amazon Customer - August 17, 2015

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