AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate – Medium – Reviews & Compare Deals

AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate – Medium – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Dog crate with double-door design for convenient front and side entry Two slide-bolt latches on each door for increased safety and security Sturdy metal construction; folds flat for easy storage/portability Designed with mini dividers (1.35 cm between each bar) on bottom perimeter to prevent paws from slipping through Optional divider panel and removable composite plastic pan included Measures approximately 36x23x25 inches (LxWxH)

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WHAT SIZE FOR WHAT SIZE DOG?? If you're like me, and wondering which size to get for your little guy, read here. I was scrolling up and down reading reviews because I didn't know which size to get. I would see pictures of Labradors in the kennel but no one would say which size they got. FOR THOSE WITH LABS OR DOGS SIMILAR IN SIZE TO LABS: I got a 36" and he is a little cramped and has to bend when he stands and sits but we got this kennel for night time. This is is upstairs kennel that he only sleeps in. It is perfect for that. He has room to lay out and relax. The only thing is I wish it was a little taller for him, but like I said we got this for sleeping. If you want the kennel for long periods, like when you're at work, I would recommend the next size up. We didn't need that big of one so we went with the 36". Took me under 5 minutes to remove from the box and put together. Instructions are not needed. My dog was excited to get inside becfore I even finished putting it together! And if anyone is curious on the Mizzou bottom and has a dog that likes to chew up pads, I just wrapped a blanket around the bottom tray! It works perfectly! I really hope this helps out those not know what size to get because I had a hard time but I am VERY satisfied with my choice! Please let me know if I helped you out.
Katie-K - September 20, 2016
It's built quite well, my second dog dragged his bed on top of this crate so he can bunk with his brother and look out the window.
Goran K. - May 13, 2016
Pros:- Solid construction- Fully Collapsible to allow for easy storage or travel- Comes with clip-on handle to allow for carry- Fully painted and coated without exposed rough edges, etc- TWO door latches to better protect against bends from dog pushing against just the top or bottom of the doorCons:- Fitment in some areas has issues causing some of the panels to bend/flex too much (I have slight bowing occurring on some of the panels)Personal Experience:I have a rat terrier puppy and wanted to find a quality and reasonably priced kennel for her to begin her crate training, and for use for travel when we make our frequent road trips to visit extended family. Our puppy is expected to be approximately 35lbs, so I purchased the MEDIUM size because I wanted a crate that would also be able to accommodate her as she grows. After doing some research, I found a couple of comparable models that had similar measurements, features, and were reviewed highly, but ended up deciding to get the Amazon Basics Single-door crate because of the reasonable price (and I have had good experiences with AmazonBasics products in the past). It came in a pretty flat box and was extremely easy to setup. The crate arrives collapsed (obviously), but is already assembled when shipped. All I had to do was un-collapse it and snap the appropriate panels into place with the hooks (this will be obvious when you're "assembling" it). It is not too heavy, so it is definitely manageable to travel with as well. The coating and paint covers all areas and I did not see any exposed steel or rough edges. I also particularly like that it has two door latches to ensure that the door is not bent from your dog pushing on either the top or bottom of the door. Also, the design allows the crate tray to easily slide out in case you need to clean off crumbs or other "debris". Even though it's not pictured, the crate comes with a snap on handle that latches onto the top of the crate so you can carry it around. Lastly, I also like that the crate comes with an additional panel that can be used to section of the crate to modify the space to make it smaller. The additional panel just hooks onto the existing panels inside of the crate so you can vary the space within the crate freely.After using the crate for approximately a month, I am still very satisfied with almost all aspects of the crate. However, my biggest complaint is that the metal panels are not as sturdy as I initially thought and there are minor fitment issues. I have noticed some bending/bowing in the panels (mostly in the middle of each panel) as a result of this. It's not a huge deal, but it is visually noticeable and does prevent the crate from collapsing as tightly flat as it could if there were not any bowing/bending.Conclusion:I am very satisfied with the AmazonBasics Single-Door crate and do not regret the purchase at all. It has quality construction, it is easy to assemble and collapse for easy storage and travel, easy-access to the crate tray to clean up debris, and all at a reasonable price. My only minor complaint is that there is some bending/bowing occurring due to minor fitment issues.**I also purchased the Midwest Exercise Pen with Door to create what I consider the perfect indoor setup for puppies when you're away from home. I position the crate so that its door faces inside of the pen, and I have the pen encapsulate to each side of the crate door with the rest of the crate protruding out of the pen (the picture shows the setup). The Exercise Pen is secured to the crate by simply using your standard swivel keychain hooks (these actually came with the Exercise Pen). This setup allows my puppy to sleep and enjoy her crate, but also walk around a safe enclosed area when I am not home. I also leave a puppy pad in the far corner of the pen area to allow my puppy to potty there if she really needs to. I have included a few pictures of the set-up =)
MightyDwighty - December 29, 2015
It can be difficult to accurately judge how much room your dog will have in a crate. It's roomier than you might think. We bought the 42" size for our 100 lb adult German Shepherd. She can stand fully upright inside it with comfort and she can turn around. She can lie down and stretch her front legs straight out. She does not have room to exercise, but exercise is not the point of a crate. She is safe, secure and comfortable inside it. It is well made, easy to set up and fold, with a roomy door for clean-up and care. It's about half the cost of a similar crate at a major bricks and mortar retailer. Look for the photo to get a reference. I don't think you'll find a better deal.
Amazon Customer - January 5, 2015
I was hesitant about these crates because of the reviews, but I'm so glad I bought them. I got two of the 48" and they're perfect for my Great Danes. They have plenty of room to stand and stretch. Sometimes they both lay in the same kennel and still seem comfortable. I've had no problems with the wire scratching them, and the kennels are very sturdy. I've included a picture of my 20 year old daughter and my 170 pound Great Dane sharing the kennel and there's still a little room left!!
tracie taylor - January 28, 2016
The crate arrived sooner than anticipated and in good condition. It is sturdy and exactly as pictured. My local pet supply stores carry similar items for twice the price. My 74 lb Am Bulldog/Pit Mix has plenty of room to stretch out in it.
LoveABull - September 24, 2012

AmazonBasics Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate - 36 Inches, AmazonBasics

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