Pretty Bird International BPB61125 25-Pound Premium… – Reviews & Compare Deals

Pretty Bird International BPB61125 25-Pound Premium… – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Pretty Bird premium blend seed mix food for large parrot. Contains extruded morsels, safflower, oat groats, flaked corn, wheat, almonds, puffed corn, raisins, pumpkin seed, pineapple, green split peas, peppers and banana chips. Available in 25-pounds.
I use this along with the Special Pretty Bird Pellets diet for each of my parrots. They love this but . . . .I do only give it to them as a treat. A great price on Amazon . . .would repurchase again!
- June 19, 2014
Way to many safflower seeds which are barely touched by macaws. The blend is very dirty (not cleaned enough). First and last time that I will purchase because of this. I always use Pretty Bird Pellets but did not like the quality of this seed blend which is only used for cheater day , when Fresh Food is not cooked. New update now the container is loaded with insects (little crawlers) so the outside birds will get a expensive treat.
- January 29, 2014
Decent. I ate it with milk and sliced banana. Not bad.
- September 27, 2016
My amazon is 45 yrs. old (I've had for 41) and my conure is 21. Both are in perfect health. Pretty Bird is of coarse not the only thing they eat, but it is the only pellet they will eat. That's important, because it's the only component of their diet that I KNOW is providing all the minerals, trace elements and other nutrients that they need daily. And the fact that they will eat and have eaten for 30 years means a lot. Bogart and Cleo give it 12 claws up.
- April 26, 2017
My CAG enjoys this as a supplement to her Harrison's Coarse. The shapes make them interesting for her to chew, and she actually consumes the entire piece (which is nice considering how much of the Harrison's pellets go to waste).
- October 25, 2016
I Like pretty bird food. My birds like it too. Rotate this food with Harrison, Kaytee exact, and fresh veggies for a balanced diet.
- August 24, 2016

Pretty Bird International BPB61125 25-Pound Premium Blend Parrot Food, Large, TopDawg Pet Supply

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