Fibre, Soft Cool and Comfortable Pet Mat Pad Hammock Use with Cage for Kitten, Cat, or Small Animals – Reviews & Compare Deals

Fibre, Soft Cool and Comfortable Pet Mat Pad Hammock Use with Cage for Kitten, Cat, or Small Animals – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Pet Hammock by Margelo, Best For Keeping Pets CoolGive your furry friends comfy elevated rest place they deserve! it is very cool in hot summer! If you are a pet lover, give this beautiful, cool, comfortable hanging bedding a try. Advantages of Pet hammock by Margelo:The Most Intimate Design: Inspired by Rattan seat, cool, soft, Breathable & comfortable. it is very cool in hot summer.Healthy, High Quality Materials: This hammock is made of pure natural rattan. After careful processing, the rattan becomes ultimate light, ultimate soft! it is very cool and breathable. The material is friendly to the skin!Wide Usage: Perfect for all small pets. Best for ferrets, cats, kitty, kittens, rabbits, pet rats, chinchillas, pet mice, hamsters or puppy/small dogs. Supporting up to 20 lbs.Easy To Attach: Simply mount/attach the metal clips to the cage. Another option is to DIY. You can have it mounted under the bed or some chairs/table (please check under the bed/chair construction if its possible before purchase). Save precious floor space.Easy To Clean: We recommend hand washing, Use a brush with soap.

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I know that this says it can be used for both Cat and ferret but I would suggest that you use it more for ferrets because it will only fit cats when they are small or are kittens. It is good quality and seems that it would last for a little while
ByAmanda Kaye - August 16, 2017
Great fit. I love the feel of the material.
ByRich - May 11, 2017
I can honestly say these are the best boxers I have every worn. I just became a teacher and decided it was time to move on from the cheap, childish boxers I gave always worn. Wearing these at school, I don't notice them throughout the day, I don't notice them while walking up or down stairs, and I never get hot. I initially bought one pair to test these out, I recently just ordered 5 more pairs because I love them so much. 10/10 recommend, amazing quality of life improvement.
Rich - September 27, 2017
Found out from the one I gave the boxers to that they fit more like briefs than boxers..........snug and he got a large.....he is a 36 waist ....comfort was okay......
ByTyler M Hernandez - October 27, 2017
Writing a review on any bedding product is difficult, but it's not as hard as READING reviews from a myriad of people with different sleeping habits, requirements and preferences who didn't explain much more than 3 words. I keep wanting to write more about these pillows because I like them, or to try and explain the possible mistakes people made that caused them NOT to like them. Everybody has their own pillow prejudices, so reading a review, no matter how much trouble the person took to write it, does not mean you'll feel the same as they did. I love that I can turn these pillows on edge to get a huge lift on my head, or to smash them into almost any shape I need at the moment. If you flatten them out when you make the bed, they'll stay flat and probably disappoint. Once you learn how to manhandle them into shape, you might feel more satisfied, same as me.After two months of sleeping on these, I am now upgrading my rating to 5 full stars. I like the way I can shape them and they hold that shape very well. Laying flat they look like a lower loft, but a simple scrunching makes them as thick as you like. They are heavyweights because of the gel, which helps it hold the shape. I like these better than any pillows I've owned in a long time. Two of them will prop me up enough to watch TV with my glasses on and again, hold the shape!The bamboo covering is WOW soft. You can even tell the difference through the pillowcase! The neat thing about these pillows is that they are so easy to make thicker and it holds the fluff. Very very comfortable.Oh and I almost forgot: I'd been having some early morning back pain before I bought these pillows and the pain disappeared completely as soon as I started using these. I would never have thought that a pillow could affect back pain, but I'm just telling it like it is.Worth the money, in my opinion, and worth having.
ByScott Condor - August 9, 2017
Very comfortable for side or back sleeping. Soft but sturdy; sometimes I find the two together a bit too high as I tend to shift from back to side sleeping during the night. I have laundered them a few times, and they have retained their shape and texture (some hypoallergenic pillows become lumpy upon laundering). All in all, a great purchase.
Scott Condor - November 12, 2017
Very good pillows, they have quite a bit of loft but are very soft. They have kept their shape really well. The only (small) negative is that they do retain some heat!
BySophie - November 9, 2017

Ferret Hammock Cat Rattan Hammock Bed Made by Natural Fibre, Soft Cool and Comfortable Pet Mat Pad Hammock Use with Cage for Kitten, Cat, or Small Animals, Margelo

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