So Phresh Small Animal Litter Scoop, 12 L X 5 W X… – Reviews & Compare Deals

So Phresh Small Animal Litter Scoop, 12 L X 5 W X… – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Nice, large bag of litter. The pellets are heavier than the paper kind, so they don't fly out of the litter box as easily when the critters go in and out. They also don't stick to the litter pans, which makes cleaning much easier. We think the odor control is better, too. Very happy!
- December 4, 2015
I use this for my rats and it's been the best litter I've ever tried! Back last year, I became very frustrated with the litter I was using so I decided to try a bunch of different kinds until I could find the perfect litter. I ordered 5-6 different types and brands and set about testing them. A couple of the paper pellet litters were no good because as soon as they got wet from being peed on, they'd begin to crumble and make a huge mess in the litter box and in the cage. The plain paper litter was a complete disaster because the rats just wanted to use it to nest in and it made such a huge mess everywhere. The SoPhresh paper pellet litter performed perfectly. When my rats used the litter box and peed on the litter, it absorbed the urine as it's supposed to, but did not crumble and make a mess. The rats left the paper pellets alone and in the litter box and didn't try to take it out to nest with so it worked in that way too. The SoPhresh is also completely dust free. I'm so happy to have finally found a litter that works like it's supposed to and I'll be sticking with it.
- June 4, 2017
I was unconvinced at first when I got this for my chinchillas. Because these are like woodstove pellets, I didn't expect them to work as well as the shredded paper I normally used.On the lowest level of their cage, I have a large half-gallon watering container with a nozzle. After cleaning the cage and swapping out the litter, I refilled the container. Unfortunately, I did not screw the nozzle on correctly and it leaked, emptying out overnight. When I saw it the next morning, I expected everything on the shelf below the tray to be ruined. I can tell you these pellets are the most absorbent types of litter I've used. The litter absorbed a half-gallon of water with no problems.With that said, the shredded stuff tends to clump together, so when the chinchillas get spooked they scurry around but the litter tends to stay in the cage. These get scattered everywhere, so have a good shop vac to suck up the escapees when you do a cage cleaning. For me, the vast absorption capabilities make these worth that small inconvenience.
- July 21, 2016
This product is great! I used to use Carefresh and it worked fine as far as absorption but it did not reduce odor well. When I switched to So Phresh, no more odor problems.
ByLauren A. Wolfe - December 9, 2015
Very good odor control.
Lauren A. Wolfe - September 27, 2017
Works perfect! Easy to clean up, HUGE bag lasts forever.
ByAmazon Customer - February 9, 2017

So Phresh Small Animal Litter Scoop, 12 L X 5 W X 1.5 H, Brown by So Phresh, So Phresh

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