Earthblend Natural Dog Food – 8 LB Bag – Reviews & Compare Deals

Earthblend Natural Dog Food – 8 LB Bag – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Earthblend is an all-natural, perfectly balanced diet that can be fed throughout all life stages, from puppy through adulthood, without ever changing the formula. Simply follow the feeding guidelines and adjust amounts according to your dog’s activity level. Earthblend is made in small batches to insure controlled consistency, optimum freshness, outstanding palatability, and maximum ingredient potency without the presence of unhealthy chemical preservatives. Each bag of Earthblend is also stamped with the date of manufacture so you’ll know how fresh it is.
I love this dog food for my dogs. Very sad I can't get it from Amazon anymore. I need the 40 # bag, not the 8 # bag.
By#ineedcoffee - November 11, 2016
Recommended by vet. Puppy likes it.
#ineedcoffee - January 12, 2017
I love this dog food, my dogs have been eating it for 5 years now! I am so happy you can buy it on Amazon now!!!My dogs love it! It is so healthy for them, they have health shiny coats all the time! It is the best food I have ever found!!!I even give it to them instead of a treat when rewarding my dogs because they love it so much and always cant wait to eat it!!!
ByAudra Schaeffer - November 14, 2016
I'm a breeder of Champion Bird Dogs. Our Dogs have been winning on national stages in the field and in the ring for over a decade. We have tried almost every form of canine nutrition available. We have done more research than I care to admit, and I have concluded that the Diamond Naturals Brand of Dog (and Cat) Food is the best value in the market today. This company does not sponsor us, or anyone else. They don't have a breeder program or advertise like all the other brands do, they just make great food and keep the cost as low as they can.I feed almost the entire line of Products offered by this Brand Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Puppy, Large Breed Lamb and Rice Formula, 40 Pound Bag ,Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs, Chicken and Rice Formula, 40 Pound Bag and Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Senior Dogs 8+, Chicken and Rice Formula, 35 Pound Bag. This food will keep your Dog fit and trim, healthy and keep their coat looking as it should. I highly recommend it.If you're reading this, then you obviously care about your Dog. Buy this food, follow the recommended feeding instructions and enjoy your best friend for a long long time. God Bless
ByJon E. Pease - January 22, 2012
We have purchased this food for our 6 year old Olde English Bulldog for a couple years now. She suffered a serious CCL tear and was overweight. Our vet put her on glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to help in her recovery. After taking up the very expensive supplements we discovered this food with those supplements built in. No more expensive supplements needed as this food had just as much in the food as she was taking. She has now fully recovered and she has such a beautiful coat. She also had some skin issues which have long cleared up. We are convenced that this healthy ingredient food has been just the thing she needs to stay healthy as she ages. We did find it slightly less at a local supply center but well worth the little extra for free shipping to our door since we live about 25 miles one way from that store.
Jon E. Pease - August 16, 2015
The dogs like it. The vet likes it. The price is okay. The vet says this is one of the best dog foods on the market today, much better than many more expensive brands. And, as I said ... the dogs really like it and that is getting harder as they get older and pickier!
ByAmazon Customer - November 28, 2016
Do you feed yourself and your kids the same brown crackers three times a day, day in and day out, for years at a time? Of course not. Then why would you feed your dog that way? You don't need a scientist or a chemist to feed your dog any more than you need one to feed your family. I feed my Jack Russell Terrier a rotational diet: Every few meals I switch out her food with another product. I prefer feeding raw frozen or raw freeze-dried/dehydrated, but sometimes rotate in grain-free kibble or even small amounts of ordinary excellent quality kibbles. Also, she gets real fresh food occasionally throughout the day. My selections are somewhat limited because she is a seizure dog, so I try to avoid questionable ingredients like Rosemary, I try to be careful about how the food is preserved, and I am an avid label reader. FIfteen years of participation in dog nutrition forums, and having a very good Vet nutritionist have taught me what to look out for in a prepared dog food. I used to make my own raw dog food, but now I have moved to a new state and just didn't feel up to sourcing clean, well-priced ingredients. Is there any one dog food that meets all my criteria? Of course not. That's one of the reasons I rotate foods. Just as in human nutrition, what one food lacks or has an excess of is balanced out by feeding a varied diet.I also try to feed products where the majority of the ingredients are food names, and not vitamin or chemical names.Sojo's Complete Turkey Dog Food has earned a place as one of my favorite meals to rotate in. Eight pounds of the mix yields 40 pounds of ready-to-eat once you have reconstituted it with water. In it's dry state, it keeps for a long time in the original zip lock topped package. I add the dry contents and mix with water in a glass dish with a lid, and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator before feeding. I usually make enough to last for about three days.When rehydrated, the food has chunks of turkey meat, and bits of identifiable veggies and fruit. From the appearance of my dog's stools, everything is being digested into an unrecognizable form. Some of the other freeze-dried products I've fed her in their dry state come out pretty much the same way they went in. The dog LOVES this food. I take it out of the refrigerator, add a little more hot water and mix in, then top with the dog's supplements. This product contains basil, which some dogs can benefit from, and it makes the whole product smell like a Thanksgiving turkey with stuffing. Frankly, some of the raw products I feed don't smell so wonderful to my human senses, but this one does. Not sure that's a selling point, but it sure doesn't hurt. Sojo's is from "Human quality suppliers" but I do not know if that means the meat is human quality, or if it has been refrigerated and processed in a human quality manner. This is one of the more affordable raw dried products I have found.I'm including two photos of the product. One is the food in its dry state, inside an eight pound package. The other is when it has been reconstituted, and some of the product is in a teaspoon to help you see the size of the bits and pieces.I'll give my dog the final word on this product. She licks her dish to a high polish whenever it appears on her plate.
ByC. Seaton - May 3, 2015
We have a 100lb 2 year old rottweiler who has had stomach/allergy issues his whole life. We have been to vet after vet, food after food, and nothing seemed to work. We finally found Sojos and he is like a new man. No more runny stools, no more itching, no more licking, and he LOVES this stuff. Now it is a bit pricy to feed this to a 100lb dog (especially b/c we supplement with raw meat from the butcher, mostly beef hearts and liver or chicken legs) but believe me when I tell you its worth every penny. If you have a dog that is having trouble with food related issues, try Sojos. We found it is actually about $15 cheaper here on amazon than at our local store so that saves us money. Also we went to our local butcher (actual butcher not just a meat market) and told him we were looking for raw meat for the pup. He now grinds up beef hearts, livers, and chicken legs and sells them to us for about 1.79/lb. Cheaper than anywhere else we can get meat. We feed 2 cups of meat and 2 cups of Sojos a day. Overall the diet costs about $180/mo which seems expensive, but thats one vet visit.Now, the downsides1. We now use the orange bag b/c the "complete" doesn't provide enough calories. So orange bag with meat from the butcher2. It takes a while to prepare everyday. I don't mind as he is healthy and 10 min a day is the least I can do.3. Pricy.4. If you don't supplement with meat from the butcher, they will lose weight. Our dog is very active as we hike/camp/walk 10 miles a week durring the winter and twice that in the summer months. If you are looking to keep the dog at a healthy weight, add meat. (eggs work as well and are cheap)All that being said, if I could buy stock in Sojos I would. It has been a god send for us.p/s Another awesome perk is that it's freeze dried and weighs very little which is awesome for camping and hiking.
C. Seaton - March 8, 2013

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