Acana Ranchlands Dry Dog Food – New Formula – Reviews & Compare Deals

Acana Ranchlands Dry Dog Food – New Formula – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Hill's Science Diet Adult Small & Toy Breed Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe dry dog food is clinically proven nutrition that can transform your pet’s life. This small breed dry food for dogs is precisely balanced and easy to digest, with high-quality proteins and calcium to support your little dog’s muscles and bones. It provides a clinically proven blend of antioxidants with vitamins C and E to ensure a strong immune system, plus omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E for a shiny coat and healthy skin. Expertly developed by Hill’s nutritionists and veterinarians, Science Diet dog food is a tasty, healthy choice for your dog, and Veterinarians’ #1 choice to feed their own pets (based on an annual veterinary survey). *Hill’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We're confident your pet will enjoy Hill's Science Diet foods. We're so confident that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, return the unused portion to Amazon for a full refund or replacement. For more information on returning an Amazon purchased product, visit the Amazon Returns Center.

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I love this product, I use this food along with the original adult science diet small bites food. My dogs are very happy to try this new lamb and rice. Both dogs(brothers) have hip dysphasia at the young age of 2. Large dogs, 96lbs & 84lbs so we add this Vitapet Advanced Strength Joint and Hip Chewables , noticeable difference with walking and playing..,and they love the flavor. Tried others,but best outcomes with Vitapet Joint Chews
Bytamra runyon - December 21, 2016
My Yorkie won't eat anything. Well, she likes cat food and people food but hates dog food. I have tried all kinds of dry food plus many kinds of wet food including the really high priced gourmet types and she just isn't interested. I had been feeding her Kibbles and Bits for small dogs and she would take a little mouthful and bring it into the living room and set it down then eat the pieces one by one. But only when she was so hungry that she had no choice. I started feeding her people food more and more so she would not walk around hungry all the time. Molly weighed 8 pounds but gained a few pounds since I gave up and started sharing my diner with her, But I worried that she wasn't getting the nutrition she needed so I went looking for a dry dog food that she may like and that was very small. She likes tiny pieces, I chose this one based on reviews and the nutrition in it,To my absolute delight, Molly loves this food! I can't believe it. I gave her a little handful like it was a treat at first and she gobbled it up. Then I poured a small bowl of the food and, without anything else to lure her into eating, she ate a considerable amount. It wasn't a phase either. She has been eating this food for a while and really likes it. I don't have to lace it with ground beef or cheese or any of things I had to do with her other food (wet or dry). I do still offer her wet food and I have made her some homemade dog food from lean beef and veggies but this Hill's Science Diet food seems to be the magic food that Molly likes, She has no trouble chewing and digesting the food and her stools are firm and "healthy" looking. She is energetic and her coat and eyes shine.My vet is pleased because my dog was getting a little bit roly poly eating snacks and people food and wasn't getting the proper nutrition. He has given the thumbs up to this food and has told me to throw away the Kibbles and Bits because it's not a quality food. This one is. It is pricier than some others but, to see my dog eat more than just a few pieces and to know she is eating something that is giving her the nutrition she needs is well worth it. Every dog is different and some will eat anything. But for my picky diva, this food is basically the only one she actually likes. I will keep buying it for her and hope she doesn't tire of it. The pieces are really little and crunchy and they must taste god because Molly would starve before she would eat something she doesn't like. For us, this food id a 5+ star product.
tamra runyon - April 4, 2016
This is the best dog food out there. I got a St. Bernard pup 16 years ago from a breeder. He was so tiny (st. Bernard's are NOT tiny even at birth). I took him straight to the vet after paying $800 for him. I would have paid $1800 for him. Anyway he weighed less than a pound and was very malnourished. My vet immediately told me to put him on Science Diet puppy food. He went from less than a pound to 85 pounds in less than a year. Science Diet is the best. It is a whole lot cheaper on amazon subscribe and save than at the vet. If you love your dog you will get this. It's barely $12 but it is worth it.
ByPattyT - April 8, 2017
Science Diet Adult Fitness is great quality food. We have been on it for 10 years recommended by our Vet. All of our fur babies love it, especially the small bites blend. Our Saint Bernard will only eat the small bites blend so it's great Science Diet offers it. The girl’s stomach is never upset and their coats always look great. We also love to make sure they have great joint health so we add delicious joint chewables Vitapet Advanced Strength Joint and Hip Chewables and they love the flavor and have no issues taking the pills. Be sure to read the label to know how much of a pill your dog will take each serving.
ByAJ Cass - December 20, 2016
I have been using this product for over a year now. I was buying it locally but after checking online I found it much cheaper pound for pound. I also got Vitapet Advanced Strength Joint and Hip Chewables for my “kid”. Our aging boxer wasn't even wagging his tail for treats anymore, he was so achy. After 2 weeks he's bouncing around like a much younger dog... and wagging his tail all the time!
AJ Cass - December 25, 2016
My dog has been on this food for the last year or so. He had some digestive issues with the dog food he was on before so after a little research and seeing what was available at one of the local pet stores my wife and I selected this stuff.It eliminated my dog's digestion issues and he really seems to like this food. Based on my research this is not the absolute "best" dog food available, but I'm sticking with it because I think it's pretty good, my dog likes it, and the price is reasonable.I also get a much better price using subscribe and save than picking it up locally, and I don't have to walk any further than my front door to pick it up. Amazon is great for supporting my laziness and saving me money at the same time.
ByJudith S Marseglia - January 2, 2015
This is a really good food and my Rottweiler loves it. They are healthy and have a great coat. The only thing is he had diarrhea from being sick. The doctor gave him some injections and also recommended a probiotic product. Vitapet Probiotic Powder Blend For Dogs and Cats with 5 Billion CFU Per Serving. These have firmed up his stools and he seems more jolly than usual. I highly recommend this probiotic from Vitapet. Its effective in clearing up digestive issues.
ByGracie Nichols - December 24, 2016
Great food for my awesome and beloved 90lb + lab mix and best price anywhere via subscribe and save. Feeding this guy can get pretty expensive, but this food is an excellent value for top-notch kibble. We supplement with high-quality wet food, homemade stock (grass-fed beef bone and chicken feet) and quality fresh meat, veggies and wild game. We go through about one bag a month for the big guy. We highly recommend spending $ on quality food for your animals, or you'll be spending even more $$$ on vet bills down the road.
Gracie Nichols - September 3, 2014
Our dogs have been eating Nature's Variety Instinct for the past few years, if not a little longer. We have always purchased locally until we recently discovered that we can subscribe & save right here on Amazon. No more trips to the big box stores and lugging the big bag of dog food in the shopping cart out to the car. For whatever reason, this has always felt like quite a chore and now that we are subscribed, it's wonderful to have the food delivered to us--so easy and so convenient AND cheaper! We love that the ingredients are all natural. It's not often that you can look at a label and understand all of the ingredients--this is great for our beloved doggies! It's not the cheapest food around but let's remember that this is a high-grade, healthy option--premium quality does come at a premium price--but it's so worth it to us, knowing that our dogs are eating something that will provide nutrition and hopefully help them to live a long, healthy life. If this is your regular brand, I highly encourage you to look into the subscribe & save option. It really is worthwhile, not to mention, so convenient to have it delivered right to your door. Thank you, Nature's Valley, for being our go-to food source for our dogs for so many years! All the best!
ByKris - July 25, 2016

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